Lucid Dreaming Benefits – Combat Workplace Depression With Lucid Dreams

There are many side benefits to an astral projection talent and related disciplines like having the ability to dream lucidly. I plan on expanding on some of those beneficial side effects and combating workplace depression is just one of them.

I work with an individual who is a morale killer. He is a thief, a bigot, a liar and he continually takes stupid short cuts that drastically reduce the quality of his already shabby workmanship. His co-workers frequently have to correct his many errors in addition to their own work. But he felt that he needed a raise in pay so he concocted a fictitious job offer from a competing company. Management bought his lie and raised his pay – that was already more than anyone else was making

The worthless employee, (in the opinion of his co-workers if not in management’s view) then bragged to everyone about the raise and that has sent the workplace morale into a death spiral. The people he works with view him with contempt but whenever someone says something about him to his face, he runs crying to the supervisor and the whole shop is then chastised for shunning and disrespecting him. But does he really merit any respect from us? There is no looming resolution to this dismal work environment on any near horizons. So what can we do about it?

The above two paragraphs are true and current for me at my employment and perhaps you have some similar situations in your workplaces that make for a poison place to work. What can you do about it? Do you ever become depressed by having to spend your workdays in a gloomy and seemingly hopeless job environment?

I personally have two methods of boosting my morale despite the somber mood. As a fiction author, I’m able to place fictional characters, that happens to have similarity to the person I am vexed with, into situations that sometimes have grisly results. When I can write some exquisite torment in my storyline for a fictional character, based familiar personality, I feel much better afterwards. And the other method is to enjoy a lucid dream that does the same.

Now I just said that I have two methods but did you notice that both are actually the same? I could really say I have three methods but I outgrew one as I matured. As a kid, I could play ‘let’s pretend’ and use my vivid imagination to inflict my harmless revenge on someone to vastly improve my mood.

Let’s focus down from these three related methods of rebounding from depression and look at what is actually happening to bring the end of the depression. And I’ll use the lucid dreaming avenue as the primary technique.

Lucid dreams differ from normal dreams in several ways. The first is that lucid dreams are much more lifelike than random REM (Rapid Eye Movement) dreams. The second is that the dreamer is more lucid than in normal REM dreams. These two differences are doubtlessly related to each other. The third difference is in the degree of control the lucid dreamer has over the dream’s subject matter. In fact in lucid dreams, the dreamer is the author of the dreams – at least to a large extent.

I qualified that statement about the dreamer being the author for a critical reason. When I write fiction, I have full control what my fingers are entering onto the keys and when I was a child playing ‘let’s pretend’ I had full waking control over where I sent my imagination. But on the astral landscape where a lucid dream plays out, my input is only part of what I see because other astral projecting people have access to the script. Think of a lucid dream as an intranet file that others have read and write access to.

So let’s get back to using lucid dreaming to combat workplace depression, or any depression for that matter. Obviously, you will attempt to vent your frustrations in the dream by having something nasty but appropriate happen to the cause of your workplace grief. Or perhaps if you don’t have the vindictive imagination that I do, you may lucidly dream of something satisfying that would alleviate your problems at work. Either way, your lucid dream is therapy in the privacy of your own mind – or is it really so private?

As I’ve already mentioned, others have access to your dreams and you actually exert influence onto the dreams of others. But I would go further to suggest that the lucid dream is an actually existing location on the astral plane where dreams really are playing out in the astral flesh.

I briefly discussed the differences between lucid dreams and normal REM dreams but I neglected to mention the similarities. As one experienced in astral projecting, I can tell you this – all dreams are happening in astral space. A lucid dreamer is able to control the action more but the dream itself is also shared. The lucid dream that you have which finds the person you are annoyed with in an uncomfortable situation or setting, can show up as a briefly glimpsed bad dream that workplace person could have in their real life normal sleep.

Has a person ever told you about a dream they had and have you ever noticed that the dream they described was in many ways similar to one that you had enjoyed? Do you think it is just coincidental? You may well have been participating in the same astral dream event with them but with each of you witnessing it from a different vantage point. Many of my lucid dreams have been shared by other people. I see them and I know they are only partially in because they are only in a normal REM sleep.

In conclusion I submit that my lucid dreaming has lessened the severity of the workplace situation I related to begin this article. I’m able to exact my dream retribution and on the individual in question and inject corrective measures in a way that is more effective than in real life and where he can’t realistically go whining to the boss. Can you imagine someone complaining ‘my co-worker said bad things to me in my dream’. How far would that fly?

And where has my current workplace depression gone to? It went up in smoke, in my lucid dreams. And what about the guy who is the workplace problem? Well, we’ll see what he learns from his REM dreams. Anyways, my irritation is fading away and I suppose my improved outlook will assist others in my place of work to cheer up too.

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